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Starting rehabilitation soon after breast cancer surgery is important
Whether your surgery has involved complete removal of the breast, primary reconstruction or left the breast intact, this film will guide you through a series of exercises designed to help you from Day 1. Follow the programme for the first four weeks after the operation. The exercises form the basis for further training and activity.

The Tørsleff method, with its sequence of exercises performed early on in the course of treatment, is a new form of rehabilitation. With guidance from a physiotherapist you can actively help yourself reduce and prevent impaired functionality that can arise after breast cancer surgery.

These exercises will continue to be beneficial even some time after the operation.

Kirsten Rosenlund Tørsleff is a physiotherapist
with 35 years of experience in treating breast surgery patients. She has participated in Danish research projects and health enquiries and is much in demand as a lecturer and teacher in hospitals and clinics all over Scandinavia. Over the years, Kirsten has developed the treatment concept that forms the basis for the film. 
In September 2013 Professor Mogens Blichert-Toft MD. Ph D. wrote to Kirsten:
«Thank you for your fantastic efforts, which since 1980/81 have made a real impact on developments in this field. You have in fact started a school, which is the greatest achievement one can have in any discipline»
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