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Kirsten Rosenlund Tørsleff - Abstract


2014-2015: involved in the planning of national clinical guidelines (NKR) for the treatment of patients undergoing breast cancer surgery in Denmark


2013: wrote the article Senfølger ved Kræft (Ch.19) in the book: KRÆFT SENFØLGER OG REHABILITERING (ISBN 978-87-412-5595-8) a Danish book on cancer edited by Christoffer Johansen


2010: awarded the Zonta´s kvindepris – a prize for women


2010: conducted a programme of examinations and tests on 50 breast surgery patients, 2-3 weeks after surgery, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen


2009: developed a further course of post-operative treatment for breast cancer patients


2007: developed the foundation course for post-operative treatment of breast cancer patients


2006: wrote an article for the Danish Breast Cancer Organization (DBO) about the need for special training to work with breast surgery patients


2004: awarded the Sønderborg prize for women in connection with International Women’s Day


2002: awarded the DBO´s ærespris 2002 for developing a revolutionary exercise programme for breast surgery patients: The Tørsleff- method


2001: received a prize from colleagues in South Jutland County


2000: wrote an article in the magazine “The Breast”: Physiotherapy treatment of late symptoms following surgical treatment of breast cancer (a scientific study collaborating with three doctors)


2000: awarded the Odd Fellow/Hertha Sønderborg prize


1995: wrote an article in “Ugeskrift for Læger” (in collaboration with 3 doctors) examining outcomes for breast cancer surgery patients – a questionnaire conducted in South Jutland county.


1987: performed a country-wide study into sequela as consequence of breast surgery


1986: wrote an article in the monthly journal “Månedsskrift for praktisk Lægegerning” regarding the physiurgic post-operative treatment of breast cancer patients


1982: received a prize from Professor M. Blichert -Toft on behalf of Kræftens Bekæmpelse


1981: published Øvelsesprogram for Brystopererete - Tidlig innsats (early intervention postoperative exercise programme for breast surgery patients) Lecturer and teacher in hospitals and clinics all over Scandinavia

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